Enhancing Long Term Objectives

Preserving and growing our clients wealth

At NorthStar we view our clients’ capital as irreplaceable. Our philosophy is to provide our clients with investment portfolios that are designed to participate in rising markets and preserve capital in declining markets.

Every Client is Unique

Each relationship has unique circumstances, risk tolerances and lifestyles needs that will guide and determine the final composition of their portfolios. Our discipline is inclusive and preserves the flexibility to focus on the best opportunities presented by a continually changing market environment.


We employ a fundamental research approach that helps identify longer term investment opportunities. We do not employ any outright style biases in our investment process. Our portfolios are constructed to leverage the diversification benefits of investing in less correlated asset classes. We invest across all capital structures, regions and sectors with a tilt toward attractively valued asset classes that we believe will appreciate over time.

Ongoing Communications

We constantly monitor clients’ portfolios as opportunities and risks evolve. When warranted, Portfolio Managers will tactically reposition holdings towards more attractively valued opportunities while de-emphasizing overvalued assets. Any tactical investment shifts that are implemented are disseminated to clients on a regular basis. NorthStar also promotes ongoing dialogue on investment issues to clients and their family members.