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NorthStar Asset Management specializes in the individual management of portfolios of private clients, foundations, corporations, and institutions.  Discretionary and Non-Discretionary Advisory Contracts can be maintained with the power of attorney being determined in the Advisory Contract.


NorthStar Asset Management, LLC (“NorthStar”) is an employee-owned investment advisory firm founded on May 1, 2000 by four investment professionals.  The firm is 100% directly owned by the partners of NorthStar, none of whom individually owns more than 25%.  NorthStar’s only business is providing investment advisory services based on the individual needs of its clients.  NorthStar does not provide advisory services to comingled funds, or provide custody services for any client, nor currently participate in wrap fee programs.


While we are guided by the philosophy that both the creation and preservation of wealth is best attained through a growth bias, we understand that asset allocations as well as specific holdings within a portfolio are best determined by matching client objectives with their individual circumstances and risk tolerances.


Our investment discipline is inclusive and preserves the flexibility to focus upon the most attractive opportunities presented by an ever changing market environment.


Our clients have sought our counsel on over $500 million of assets.


Our portfolio managers have an average experience of over 40 years.